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Differences between hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil

Before purchasing industry materials for a project, you should know the differences between the different types of steel including advantages and disadvantages of the product. Then you can make a decision and choose the right product for your project. Now we will discuss this question: what is the different between hot rolled steel pipe and cold rolled steel pipe, their advantages and disadvantages, etc.


Differences in rolling process:

Hot rolling is a metallurgical process which is mainly to produce steel sheet or steel plate. The billets are simply turned into or cut into steel plate by passing a set of work rolls and the temperatures would be over 1.000 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures which are close to normal room temperature will meet the requirements of cold rolling metal working process. Thickness of steel plate or steel sheet will be decreased by cold rolling which can increase the metal’s strength and hardness.


Advantages and disadvantages between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel

The cold rolled steel pipe which is more precise dimensionally has already gone through the cooling process and the process can help it closer to the finished dimension. The shapes of cold rolled steel is limited because of the shapes of round, square, flat and variations of other types. During the cooling process, hot rolled steel which is more malleable will give the finished product looser tolerance than the original material and it can be forced into a variety of different shapes easily comparing with cold rolled steel products.

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Cost of this two products

The cost of cold rolled steel is twice as much as the cost of hot rolled steel because of the complex metal working process of cold rolling and steel pipe prices is always fluctuating. Pickling and oiling are also the finishing method between hot rolling process and cold rolling process. Through this process, the air can be prevented and protect steel pipe from rusting.


Usage of hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel

Hot rolled steel which is always used to create larger size products is more popular in the market. steel pipe supplier should command the situation to supply desirable products. Steel tubes are often used in transport, shipbuilding, construction etc. products which are more durable and tolerant is a ‘flat’ steel product. The material of hot rolled steel possess the performance of further thickness reduction. The application scope of cold rolled steel is widely including automotive components, construction as well as building components. By this comparing and discussion, we may acquire some basic knowledge about the differences of this two products.

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