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Welded steel pipe-speeding up the pace of social progress

When making mention of steel pipe, we may refer to welded steel pipe, a kind of pipe that can improve the efficiency and reduce the production cost, which can promote the pace of social development. Why do we say that? Taking the project called south-to-north water diversion as an example, we can find that the steel pipe that can meet the requirements of the project must be large and solid enough, which can avoid the corrosion from the water and it can also be used for quite a long time. So if using a finished large steel, the cost will be increased, which is a not economical project. However, welded steel pipe is a suitable choice for this kind of project without preceding troubles especially for the cold rolled steel pipe. Because it has high production efficiency as well as low cost. Therefore, the production process will be more quickly, which can accelerate the progress of the south-north water diversion project accordingly. More resources or capital from society will be allocated reasonable, which can advance the pace of social progress. In a word, it is a virtuous circle if welded steel pipe can be used in a suitable place.


After many years of research, the specifications of welded steel pipe become multiple and various in the steel pipe market. The main welding method is straight seam welding and spiral welding and each one has their own characteristics, so the size will vary because of different welding method. According to different pipe sizes, the steel pipe price will also be changed in the fluctuate pipe market. For example, square steel pipe price is higher than that of round steel pipe. Why? Because the production process of round steel pipe is quite simple and the technology is not very complex. So how to choose the steel pipe is also a kind of knowledge which need to be studied in advance.

With these factors, fluctuated steel pipe price can be understanding quite easily from above factors. By other words, steel pipe price will be decreased correspondingly if welded steel pipe with large quantities enter into steel pipe market, which is a normal phenomenon. Of course, the factor is not limited and technical breakthrough, the price of raw material are also very important factors. If you want to know more relevant knowledge about welded steel pipe, you can ask for us by email or leave messages below. We will offer professional answers.

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