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Remove market bottlenecks of welded steel pipe

There are a lot of factors affect the development of the domestic enterprise. In the past few years, the development of the construction industry has a strong demand of pipes such as galvanized steel pipe, so steel pipe companies get multiple opportunities to improve themselves especially for the market opportunity of the straight seam welded pipe. However, the development of pipe industry meet the bottlenecks of the market no matter in the welded steel pipe price or pipe specifications, which are difficult to remove the bottlenecks. For example, the current sale volume of welded steel pipe are difficult to reach the past level. So how to break through the bottleneck of market development?

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First of all, we should focus on the product quality, improving the overall quality of the products and win the market recognition with high quality products no matter in the study of identifying relationship between term of steel pipe and its application or in the making a technology innovation so that we can provide customers with high quality products such as cold rolled steel pipe. Now customers still have certain requirements for pipes, but does not need low-end products which have been eliminated by market. No matter in raw materials or in processing technology, steel pipe manufacturer should think in many aspects and improve the quality of the products. A good product is worthy of a higher price, which can bring more opportunities to the industry. At present, there are many enterprises in the market, most of which still keep the out-dated technology, which is the fundamental reason for the development of enterprises.

Secondly, steel pipe manufacturer should improve its ability to adapt to the market such as being concerned with the customers’ needs and providing desirable products. The fluctuation of steel pipe price may commend attention from steel pipe suppliers, but the reason or factors behind the fluctuated steel pipe price may be neglected by manufacturers, which can indicate that pipe enterprises are not sensitive enough to the pipe market. The low sale volume of steel pipe may be the results of lagging market response not only domestic market but also international market. Production technology is changing, so does customer demands. We should often research the pipe market to find out potential customer demand and then offer the service in advance. Besides, developing new demand for other steel pipes such as steel conduit is also very important so that we can occupy large market share.

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