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Seamless welding technology

The performance of seamless welded steel pipe is very excellent and it is far from the property of welded steel pipe with seam. What is the advantage of seamless welding technology? Actually, this technology can shorten the mould manufacturing cycle, improve the accuracy of the parts. Now with the higher demand for premium quality products, the seamless welding technology which is much more prevailing is accepted by various steel pipe companies where diverse steel pipes are manufactured. This technology can help eliminate mold weld which is necessary for steel pipes transporting water or gas. At the same time, it can implement effective control in the process of plastic injection forming.

In the past, steel pipe manufacturers adopt mold production technology which will lead to a steel pipe without uniform surface. In some relatively new technology, the quality of products can be assured by the mold core as well as cavity cooling pipeline. Seamless welding technology adopt modern machine tools and some other new technology. According to the requirements of new technology, we can improve the tolerance dimension precision by processing similar mesh mold core and cavity. Nowadays, plate finned and water chamber cooling pipes have been more widely used, which can further improve the overall quality of the steel pipes.

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The emergence of new seamless welding technology is possible for mass production of round steel pipe. In the actual mold forming process, mould heating and cooling can be controlled by the change of the die channel design and the pitch diameter infiltration room which are milling at the back of the cavity can keep temperature fluctuations within 60℃. Besides, it can be used as high pressure steam and cooling water channel. The application of seamless welding technology will not make workplace warping and deformation occurs. The cavity and the mold core mold side matching don’t cause any problems. In addition, it can also prolong the service life of the cutter.

Of course, we can also use a great variety of post processing services for customers reference such as galvanizing, oiled, painted, powder coated as well as plastic-coated pipe. As square steel pipe is widely used in different situations, further processing is necessary. For steel pipe with plain end that is in the rough, it can form threaded on both ends, one with socket, the other with cap by deep processing. There are some other steel pipe ends for use such as beveled, swaged end, enlarged end and flattened end as well. If you have more advice or details about seamless welding technology, hope you can contact us.

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