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The problem in custom pipe order

With the continuous development of the construction industry, standardized pipes such as welded steel pipe become difficult to meet the needs of production projects. More and more customers are inclined to customized production. Setting the straight seam welded pipe as an example, the manufacturer can receive a lot of customized orders, so what should be paid attention to custom production? Before answering this question, we should know why we need to concern custom production. Actually, steel pipe market competition become more and more fierce and each supplier want to wrest market share from their counterparts. In addition, small-scale companies are willing to take on entrenched giants to occupy reasonable market share. Now, we can have a look about the factors to win customer trust.

First of all, steel pipe price is always the common concern. Many domestic customers believe that steel pipe price not just reflect steel pipe price, it also determines the final purchasing choice of customers to some extent, as with steel pipe quality as well as professional steel pipe supplier. As a matter of fact, the price of customized pipe product is higher than that of standardized pipes. For example, for welded steel pipe, if it is a kind of standardized production, the template and process are very mature while the customized products need to be separately opened, which is the cost added to the production. And in the process of production, there will be scrapped products, which will also be included in the sale price. Therefore, when pricing customized products such as round steel pipe, we think more carefully and make a suitable pipe price in the reasonable profit range.

Secondly, we can talk about steel pipe specifications. There are a lot of products with standardized specifications of welding steel pipe. If it is a customized product, we must confirm the demand with the customer, otherwise the production line will be irrevocable. So confirmation in contact form is very necessary with customers. Finally, steel pipe manufacturers should explain why the customized pipe should reach the order quantity to customers. One is the problem of production cost, the other one is corporate profits. Only by reaching a certain number of products is it worth making a customized product and it is worth consuming all kinds of human resources and material resources to produce. In a word, high pipe quality and showmanship can gain priceless cachet for companies.

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