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The production process and application value of welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe is seen most often in our daily life and it is made by steel plate and steel belt through bending technology. According to the requirements of customers, steel pipe manufacturers can shape it into round steel pipe or square steel pipe by welding. Because of the welding technology, we can see that there exist obvious welding line. In the last century, most people use seamless steel pipe to complete construction project. However, the technical demands of seamless steel tube are very high, so the steel pipe price is also very high correspondingly, which lead to a high production cost causing a challenge to steel pipe suppliers. With the development of straight seam welded steel pipe, it is available worldwide and the prices are down sharply, reducing the production cost.
ERW-steel-pipeThe specifications of welded steel pipe are varied such as cold rolled steel pipe size ranging from hundreds of meters in diameter to few millimeters in diameter. Besides, the application is particularly large, which is divided into round pipe specifications and square pipe specifications at different purposes. There are also spiral steel tubes. The current welded pipe is galvanized welded pipe, which can be used to transport various liquids and gases and also has a strong corrosion resistance. Thick zinc layer of the welded steel pipe can protect pipe surface well and it can make a long-term service life even for dozens of years. The benefits are much more evident compared with China cold galvanized steel pipe. Therefore, domestic government put a ceiling on cold galvanized steel pipe. Steel pipe suppliers need to adjust production plan to better meet market trend. Collecting market information on a regular basis is very necessary for a long term development.

From the production process of straight seam welded steel pipe, it determines pipe market to some extent. Nowadays, pipe enterprises have a larger range of choices in production types. On the other hand, multi-purpose and multi-type of steel pipes such as Tianjin welded erw steel pipe can save a lot of production cost to the enterprises. In the past, the steel pipe size is limit, which can still cause waste on a certain degree. This phenomenon is now well changed. After adjusting, we will be better in pipe production and occupy more market share in the international pipe market. Of course, this topic is large and if you want to go into particulars, you can email us.

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