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Market prospect of welded steel pipe

Steel belt or steel plate can form welded steel pipe which can bend into deformation shapes such as round, rectangular and so on and the surface is jointed. With the rapid development of high-quality production and inspection technology since the 30th of last century, welding quality has got a great improvement increasingly. Because of lower cost and higher production efficiency, welded steel pipe has developed with increasing specifications and replaced seamless steel pipe in more and more areas.

Statistics of marketing and production demand and investment forecast Analysis Report of China Welded Steel Pipe in 2013-2019 which is released by Forward-looking Industry Research Institute. This analysis showed that the output of welded steel pipe in Tianjin was 1.412 million tons in September 2013, increasing by 6.98% compared with last year earlier and in Hebei the production of welded steel pipe was 1.075 million tons, increasing by 6.39% than a year earlier. From January 1,2012 to September 1,2013, in Tianjin and Hebei , the welded steel pipe production reached 24.015 million tons which rank the top place in China. So the domestic market is prosperous, steel pipe manufacturer in China should grasp the opportunity to achieve further development and we can also expand the international market.
welded steel pipe

According to the analysis of Forward-looking Industry Research Institute , welded steel pipe demand market in China is oil and gas exploitation and transportation. Besides the main demand market also includes water conservancy construction, metal pressure vessel etc. For example, pre galvanized steel pipe is the exemplary product in construction areas and the demand is also very large.

If the construction project is huge, the application amount of welded steel pipe will be large corresponding. In other words, the production plan need to be made in advance on the base of the market requirement which can avoid stock pressure. During the five-year plan period China will strive to develop oil and gas pipeline. They will build the applicable lines and a complete set of urban and regional pipe network and the total length of oil and gas pipelines will exceed 150000 km. it faces better development prospects for oil and gas pipe network under the relevant development planning. In the near future, coal-gas pipeline, deep sea oil and steel conduit will be widely used in more and more areas. The company should face the challenge actively and adapt to the steel pipe market standard which will make a considerable profit for the company.

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