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A special export problem for welded steel tube

Welded steel pipe is a kind of construction material using welding technology and it can be widely used for various areas such as making high buildings. The most striking feature of this kind steel tube is that there exists welding seam on the steel pipe surface but the surface is quite smooth. As a representative type, the pipes which can over average standard in terms of bearing capacity as well as resisting corrosion can be called good pipes. Even so, there are many more detailed classifications. Do you know more information about this kind of steel pipe? Here we will give basic introduction.


One kind of steel pipe is welded square steel pipe. This kind of steel tube is not much described here. It is mainly formed by making the cross section of the steel tube section so that the whole steel tube presents a kind of cube shape. The speciality of this steel tube is that it is easy to fix, which is different from the traditional pipe shape. However, compared with round steel pipe, its application scope is relatively narrow because round shape is much more common in our daily life.

Another kind of steel pipe is galvanized steel pipe. In addition to welding technology, this kind of welded steel pipe is also integrated with zinc plating technology, which is divided into hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing according to the method of galvanizing. Generally speaking, hot galvanizing is more difficult, so the price of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is more expensive. The purpose of this steel tube is to insulate as zinc layer has excellent insulating effect, so the maximum benefit of this welded steel tube is not conductive. Because of this, it is favored by many people and it can also be widely used in other atrocious condition.

In fact, the problem in the foreign trade of galvanized steel pipe is obvious that is environmental protection. The requirements for international environmental protection are very high and government also set a high bar for steel pipe manufacturers on the pipe production especially for the hot galvanizing pipe and its index is very strict. Many of the galvanized steel pipes are not be line with export demands because of these environmental requirements and standards. In such a situation, increasing the technology of galvanizing is very necessary and also become the primary goal for domestic galvanized steel pipe producers. Hope steel pipe suppliers can be more sensitive to export problems.

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