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Reasonable selection of glass curtain wall materials

Different glasses have different properties, and one type of glass will not fit all climatic zones and building orientations. In order to block solar heat radiation, the glass must be treated. Endothermic glass can be made by adding some elements to the glass sheet, and thermal reflective glass can be made by coating one side of the glass.

For example, the more heat absorbed by curtain glass window, the better the insulation. But absorb heat and pervious light often are contradictory, so the heat insulation ability of absorb heat glass also gets certain limitation, besides the one part quantity of heat that absorb heat glass still has considerable amount to be met incoming indoor. For example, while reflecting infrared rays, thermal reflective glass also has great attenuation and reflection on the transmission of visible light, resulting in poor lighting, and reflected light causes glare pollution. Because thermal reflective glass reflects solar energy, it is not suitable for use in the cold northern regions for structural glass curtain wall. Low radiation coated glass is a new thermal insulation glass developed in the 1990s, its radiation rate is generally about 0.1, the lowest can be reduced to 0.05, is about one-tenth of the radiation rate of ordinary glass, improve the energy saving effect. Low — E shade glass is made of unique hot spray coating technology. In addition to its own Low radiation performance, it also has the performance of controlling sunlight.
Generally speaking, the use of monolithic endothermic glass or thermal reflection glass, Low one E glass, Solar – E glass can achieve a certain energy-saving effect, but the effect is limited, in the glass area is too large still cannot meet the requirements. Hollow glass composed of these glasses is a better choice.
For insulating glass, the outer piece of curtain wall facade generally uses endothermic glass, thermal reflection glass, Low E endothermic glass. The inner piece is made of transparent glass, Low E glass and so on. In this way, the glass absorbs the vast majority of solar radiation heat, and the air layer will be outside the glass heat radiation blocked outside and not indoor generation of secondary radiation heat transfer. The use of insulating glass can not only reduce solar radiation, but also effectively prevent heat transfer by temperature difference. In the south, the first is to reduce solar radiation, which is different in principle from the northern thermal insulation. In the north, modern curtain wall is generally to minimize the blocking of the solar shortwave radiation, and make a large amount of solar radiation into the room. In the south, insulating glass absorbs or reflects short-wave solar radiation first, and then effectively insulates temperature difference heat transfer and long-wave radiation by using the air layer of insulating glass.

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