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Spider glazing systems are popular in the modern commercial buildings

With constant development in science and technology, glass curtain walls are finding increasingly more applications and their structures are also experiencing great changes.

In practical applications, spider glazing is part of the frameless glass curtain wall system where they provide a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views. Specifically speaking, spider glass curtain walls provide maximum daylight for building interiors, and the possibility of placing large transparent glass surface as building envelopes. Due to its visual attractiveness, such architectural building envelopes are commonly used on commercial buildings to create premium building skills. A wide variety of applications are available including curtain walls, canopies and atriums, allowing maximum transparency and brightness optimization to achieve the unique design in the modern commercial buildings today.

Application of Spider Systems
-Large main entrance facades of buildings and shop front facades.
-Glass canopies.
-Skylights and domes.

Spider Glazing Specifications
-Spider glazing is a very flexible and contemporary design medium that can create designs with vast expanse of glass, frame-less entrances and canopies.
-All doors and windows can be inserted in the spider glass area.
-Tempered or heat soaked glass can be used in spider glazing systems so as to have the performance of a safety curtain wall facade for the commercial buildings in applications. The glass thickness that is used is usually 12mm thick.
-The spider glazing is designed to resist wind pressure. It can be fixed with either 2 way spiders or 4 way SS spiders fitting options. Fin glass support could also be used to resist wind pressure.
-Silicone Sealants and gaskets are used to make the glass frames watertight.
-Allows full penetration of natural light into the interiors, certain types of glass prevent the absorption of UV light.
-Spider glazing is easy to install and maintain.

In practical applications, fully spider fitting frameless glass curtain walls, connect glass together in an open space using various types of light/heavy steel structures via various types of spider fitting members to form flexible and unobstructed glass facade. The support elements that hold the fitting can be space frame, glass fin, tension cables or steel circular columns to provide the aesthetic effect as desired by the customer. In this way, fully spider fitted glass walls not only maintain the safety of aluminium alloy frame glass curtain wall but also eliminate the disadvantages of the later in singular structure and restrictions from construction structures. As a result, such a magic curtain wall system can provide unobstructed view as a whole, neat, bright and integrated with such advantages as safety, practicality and artistic taste thus becoming a vogue for modern construction and decorations.

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