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Quality secret of steel conduit

Hot dipped galvanized steel conduit is a kind of construction material with a large range of application. Do you know the processing technology of steel conduit? Actually, it is carried out after special processing of the steel pipe surface. After processing, there is a layer of zinc which can protect the wires on the surface of steel pipe. However, what is the merits of this steel pipe? As a matter of fact, this steel has a strong corrosion resistance that is a very important performance in construction industry. This performance determines that this pipe can adapt to various kinds of extreme conditions such as rainy or snowy. Therefore, more and more steel pipe manufacturers want to purchase this kind of steel pipe. For many enterprises, the application environment may be special, so this pipe is very suitable for these enterprises.

After understanding the property of this steel pipe, we may do not have the question such as will it be rust? Of course, we also need to check the quality of steel pipe whether it has good corrosion resistance or not. But how to identify high quality products? The easiest way is to look at the steel pipe price. Although this method is very one-sided, price can become a very important consulting factor for purchasing steel pipes. Low price product will go through simple production processing and the products with higher price have its own reason such as premium quality. This rule is also suitable for buying other products.

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In the past, galvanized steel pipe can be divided into two types one is hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and the one is cold rolled steel pipe. How to distinguish this two types? Actually, the secret is zinc layer. By other words, quality secret is also the zinc quantity. The zinc layer is quite thick for hot dipped galvanized steel pipe which need more production cost. The thick zinc layer can protect the pipe from corrosion, so the cost is also higher compared with cold rolled steel pipe. The cold rolled steel pipe with a thin zinc layer has no strong corrosion resistance, which will be eliminated by the steel pipe market in the near future. Besides, environment problem is become more and more severe. So  this steel pipe can not be allowed for using by government documents. If you want to know more relevant information, hope you can contact us freely.

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