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quality control of the curtain wall building

If there is no high quality of processing and assembling and site construction, no matter how good the selection of raw materials, the use of advanced design node structure, installation can be offset by a drop in the quality of the curtain wall system of air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance and sound insulation; heat insulation performance is affected, so in order to guarantee the energy saving effect of curtain wall system, we should strictly control the quality of the installation. The following points should be paid attention to:
(1) The heat insulation rubber pad between the buckle cover of the open frame curtain wall and the glass is not dense; there are leakage and gap problems. In the case of temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, air heat flow will be generated, resulting in heat flow conduction between indoor and outdoor, thus reducing the heat insulation performance.

(2) There are often problems such as loose occlusion and wrong teeth in the partition hot bridge part of curtain wall building. Therefore, during the construction process, it should be ensured that the connection of the broken hot node is firm, that the size width of the heat insulation bar in the heat insulation profile meets the design requirements, and that the number and position of the heat insulation pad and fastener meet the design requirements.
(3) The weak position of heat insulation of hidden frame glass curtain wall lies in the junction position of glass plate. We should focus on the construction quality of weatherproof sealant. Fastening the connection between the glass sub-frame and the crossbeam column.
(4) The collection and discharge of condensed water should be unobstructed without leakage. The condensate collecting system shall include collecting trough, collecting pipe and drainage outlet, and its setting position and connection mode shall meet the design requirements.
(5) The installation direction and position of coated glass should be correct. Double sealing should be used for insulating glass, and the pressure equalizing tube of insulating glass should be sealed.
(6) The opening fan is surrounded by water strip to improve air tightness and reduce heat conduction, but the rigidity of the opening frame itself is poor, which is easy to produce parallelogram deformation, resulting in the overall reduction of the window sash composed of glass and fan material. At the same time, the hollow glass that opens the fan has a large weight, and the hardware is usually installed later. The multi-point lock cannot make the sash completely closed, which affects the heat insulation performance of the window. Therefore, the installation accuracy of curtain wall frame, opening fan and multi-point lock should be strictly controlled.

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