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How to attract more customers for welding steel tube

The development of pipe enterprises cannot be separated from the customer orders. In order to achieve sustainable development, we must obtain customer orders in time, otherwise the enterprises will face difficult task of getting long-term development. For pipe companies who produce welded steel pipe, they should manufacture steel pipes attractive enough to win more customers so as to provide sufficient support for the development of enterprises. So how can pipe products attract more customers? It can be analyzed from the following aspects.

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First of all, the factor is steel pipe price which is always the most sensitive in the competitive pipe market and the difference between a dime and a coin is likely to win or lose customers. For example, if the price of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe can be reduced on the market average price, it will undoubtedly win more customers. But lowering prices means fewer profits, so it is a paradox. For enterprises, the profit should be within a reasonable scope. Of course, we can not lower pipe quality which is vital for a whole company. If the quality of products is not good, then the pipe market will be lost even the price is low. If the quality is high, the market space of the products will be wide. Therefore, the enterprise must pay attention to improve the quality of products and control the products from every link of production. Besides, rich steel pipe specifications for customers will be more attractive such as various cold rolled steel pipe sizes. Steel pipe manufacturers can not only produce standard steel pipes, but also pay more attention to special customer specifications of the products. Now there are a lot of customer demand for products tend to be some models in the non-standard products, which can be alarm for manufacturing enterprises because it might just be the direction of future development.

Finally, the overall quality of the enterprise is very important. Practitioners can not only know how to produce products for foreign trade, but also should have a certain understanding of rules of foreign trade such as the difference between pipe and tube as well as social factors like the impact of environmental requirements. As our country joined the WTO, the world market is coming to us, so steel pipe manufacturers must give attention to these questions, otherwise it will harmful to the enterprise’s future development. In addition, we also should enhance inner power of the enterprise from these aspects.

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