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Pipe black steel

As we all know, steel pipe such as black steel pipe is widely used in our daily life and there are a lot of projects that need various steel pipe such as west to east gas pipeline, the south-to-north water diversion project and other projects. In a word, the vast majority of the project is inseparable from pipeline. Therefore, the demand for pipeline in out city is huge. More popular steel pipe is welded steel pipe which catch up with the seamless steel pipe in recent years with its own superiority characteristic. Pipe black steel is a representative pipe. So what are the typical features of this kind of steel pipe?

black steel pipe

Black steel pipe, as the name implies, has a black steel pipe surface and it is also a kind of welded steel pipe. Of course, welded steel pipe also includes other types such as square steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe and so on. We can see the welding gap on the surface of the steel pipe, which does not begin affect the application. Welded steel pipe shall be carried out in accordance with the welding shape classification and it can be divided into straight seam steel pipe and spiral steel pipe according to the different application ways. According to the shape standard, it also can be divided into square steel pipe and round steel pipe generally. So customers can choose their suitable steel pipes because of large choice scope. In recent year, seamless steel pipe is more and more popular though the technology of pipe black steel is developing rapidly. Although seamless steel tube has many advantages, it can not replace black steel pipe because the steel pipe price of seamless steel pipe is relatively more expensive and black steel pipe can prevent the waste of resources.

For the vast majority of steel pipe manufacturers, the concentrated advantage of the steel pipe comes from the steel tube which is produced by the least amount of steel. Many customers may be worried sick about the welding gap of the black steel pipe. However, manufacturers can produce various steel pipes with different wall thickness as well as types according to customer demands. Black steel pipe is the raw material for many steel pipes and steel pipe manufacturers can meet customers on the base of it. For example, galvanized steel pipe whose material is black steel pipe can be more popular for customers who need stronger steel pipe anti-corrosion performance.

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