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hollow section manufacturers

To build a super hollow section manufacturers with international competitiveness is the only way and the only choice for China to move from a steel power to a steel power. Increasing industrial concentration through mergers and acquisitions will help to change the embarrassing situation of “large industrial small enterprises” in China’s steel industry in the past, which are too dispersed and have weak competitiveness.In recent years, it is true that China’s steel enterprises have galloped forward on the road of mergers and reorganizations and made some achievements.Just, in my opinion, in a new round of acquisitions, iron and steel enterprises to guard against “anxiety scale”, cannot hold “capacity gain weight can rest easy” to promote the idea of mergers and acquisitions, on the contrary, the steel mills in the process of merger, acquisition and reorganization, not only to “eat” scale of mild steel tube, more want to “eat into his mouth” capacity, only in this way, mergers and reorganization can play its proper role.

In the past mergers and reorganizations of the steel industry, the scale of “absorbing”, but “dream” reorganization cases are not rare.Among them, typical type is the tianjin bohai iron and steel group that already went into bankruptcy reorganization.Through combing and analysis, the author found that the excessive emphasis on the form of restructuring and neglect of the internal integration between the restructured enterprises, resulting in a “mountain forest”, independent, restructuring effect which is difficult to play, is an important reason for the failure of the restructuring of China steel tube factories. In order to avoid similar situations, the author believes that the following principles should be adhered to in the new era of steel mergers and acquisitions:

First, steel enterprises restructuring is not “shabu hot pot.” Suitable for their own is good, steel enterprise restructuring is also the case, not all the “dishes” are suitable for the enterprise’s original “pot” inside. In the process of restructuring, iron and steel enterprises can rely on their own industrial chain advantages, and target the restructuring at the same industrial chain enterprises, generally speaking, the integration of “peers”, make rivals friends, jointly expand and strengthen the original industrial chain, improve market concentration and competitiveness.From this point of view, baowu restructuring group to strengthen the competitive advantage in the field of structural steel pipe is a good example.In the reorganization of steel enterprises, taboo is driven by “scale complex”, in the name of variety diversification, it will be what “dishes” into their own “basket” inside.

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