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Profit of industrial enterprises

The benefits of industrial structural steel pipe factory present the following characteristics:
First, nearly 70% of the industry profits increased year-on-year, and 80% of the industry profits exceeded the same period in 2019. In May, 28 of the 41 major industrial sectors recorded year-on-year profit growth (or turned losses into profits), accounting for 68.3 percent. Among them, the profit growth rate of 8 industries exceeded 100%, and the profit growth rate of 6 industries was between 30% and 100%. Compared with the same period in 2019, 33 sectors saw profit growth, accounting for 80.5 percent.

Second, the profits of the raw material manufacturing industry maintained rapid growth. In May, the profits of the raw material manufacturing industry increased by 1.11 times year on year, an average growth rate of 32.0% over the two years, and the growth rate was 74.8 percentage points and 11.8 percentage points higher than that of the industries above designated size, respectively, driving the rapid growth of the profits of China steel tube manufacturer. Benefiting from the recovery of market demand and the rise in commodity prices, the ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal refining and rolling processing industry, the chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, and the petroleum, coal and other fuel processing industry enjoyed rapid profit growth, with the average growth rates between 31% and 68% in the two years especially for the rectangular hollow section. The above four industries together drove the two-year average growth of profits of industrial enterprises above designated size by 8.3 percentage points.

Third, the profit growth of pharmaceutical and other consumer goods manufacturers accelerated significantly. In May, the profit of the consumer goods manufacturing industry rose 30.6 percent year on year, with a two-year average growth of 21.3 percent, 6.4 and 3.7 percentage points higher than in April respectively. Among them, driven by the strong demand for COVID-19 vaccines, testing reagents and other anti-epidemic materials, the profits of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry maintained rapid growth, with the year-on-year growth of 85.7% in May and the two-year average growth of 50.9%, which were 23.6 and 12.5 percentage points higher than those in April, respectively. The profits of chemical fiber and black iron steel pipe increased by an average of 1.50 times in the two years, 58.0 and 4.7 percentage points higher than that in April, respectively. The wood-processing and wood-rattan and brown-grass industry saw profit growth of 9.0% on average over the two years, compared with a 1.0% decline in April.

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