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The environmental influence on hot-dip galvanized steel pipe

Today, we usher in an era of environmental protection. As the impact of some pollution intensified, people are increasingly concerned about the environment, striving to improve the environment and thinking about their own life and health. Welded steel pipe is an indispensable material in many industries. Hot galvanized steel tube is closely related to people’s life. Maybe lots of people can still not understand this kind of steel pipe. Nowadays, we live in the building, the type of gas pipe is hot galvanized steel pipe. In early construction, even water pipes are galvanized steel pipes, which have a great impact on our health.

hot dip galvanized steel pipe

The relationship between the method and the application of steel pipes is very closely. Let’s start with what is galvanized steel pipe. Steel pipe, according to the different ways to distinguish, can be divided into many types including hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. As the name suggests, the surface of this type of steel tube is zinc coating. Besides, zinc-plated steel tube is divided into two types: hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. There are many kinds of galvanized steel pipe specifications including DN15,DN20,DN25, etc. Given their material and cost, their use is mainly for transport including water, gas and heating.

The production cost of cold galvanized steel pipe is low and the process is relatively simple, so the corrosive performance is not very well. Hot galvanizing steel tube is more resistant to corrosion. Currently, the state advocates it for temporary application. Galvanized steel pipe in water for a long time is easily to produce water rust which will pollute water quality seriously. This is harmful to human health. As a result, galvanized steel pipe China is a great hazard to water pipes and has been banned by the state since 2000.

As the country attaches great importance to such environment issues, the environmental protection requirement has the effect on the price of galvanized steel tube and the steel pipe price will also be raised. A spike in pipe price will be a trend which will be a benign stimulus for steel pipe market. The rise in the cost of production will lead to an increase for the steel pipe price, but the demand for the pipe is still huge and steel pipe manufacturers can also get benefits from the pipes. Nowadays, many steel pipe manufacturers are in one area and we should seize the opportunity to grasp growth momentum.

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