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The direction of Tianjin steel pipe industry

In October, 2015, the ministry of environmental protection issued a notice affirming the emergency treatment performance of Tianjin steel pipe manufacturers in the Tianjin port incident. From this event, we can see the efforts made by Tianjin steel pipe industry in the field of environmental protection, the direction of advance and the results achieved. Steel pipe has always been the basic material needed for many industries both at home and abroad and there is a great demand for various steel pipes. In order to make a profit, most of the production is based on quantity but neglect the impact on the environment. In fact, the exhaust emissions from steel pipe manufacturers are extremely polluting and have caused some bad effects. It is incumbent on steel pipe suppliers to protect environment when producing.

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However, each enterprise is established to profit, so we should improve technological level to find a successful development model, which is also every manufacturer duty. First of all, in terms of production, every manufacturer should know something about industry as well as steel pipes such as cold-formed hollow sections. It also includes the relationship between application and term of the steel pipe. This is only the basic knowledge of the industry and each Tianjin steel pipe manufacturer should also identify their main products. For example, the price of welded steel tube is not very high, but it is better than many other types of steel pipe in terms of application and cost performance, which can be considered for production. In addition, the demand of round steel pipe as well as square steel pipe in all walks of life is very big. When it comes to export, the enterprise must grasp the relevant foreign language. Of course, every enterprise has its own secret of successful profit.

However, what is the direction of environmental protection. Say it decisively, that is energy conservation and emission reduction. The pollution of the pipe industry is mainly air pollution including the emission of dust particles and sulfur compounds. Manufacturers should strive to improve their own technology. In the aspect of sulfur compounds, a perfect treatment system should be established to increase the purification content. It is not just the companies that need to make the efforts, the country will also make some feedback. For some manufactures of straight seam welded steel pipes, we need to consider the impact of environmental requirements on the steel pipe price. Companies that fail to meet the standards will be punished because of the country’s environmental standards for making products.

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