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Production process and service efficiency of steel pipe

As the requirements of production or processing, steel pipe manufacturers are paying more attention on some equipment parts. In order to improve the efficiency of these parts, steel pipe manufacturers should better the function of the components and after improving, components will play their maximum value. This is also the reason why production technology is to be more and more rigorous. In the welding industry, galvanizing process is very necessary so that steel pipe boasts the performance of corrosion resistance. Do you know what is galvanizing process? Actually, it can be classified into two kinds, hot dipped and cold dipped. First of all , we can get a knowledge of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe.

galvanized steel pipe

As a matter of fact, it is a kind of alloy which is produced by the fusion of metal and iron. This alloy will be combined with zinc layer so that it can become very solid. How to conduct galvanizing process? At first, the surface of the steel pipe should be cleaning in advance by strong acid solution. This step is to get surface’s removal for ferric chloride. Then interior impurities will be dissolved in ammonium chloride or the water solution containing zinc. Zinc layer of Steel pipe such as welded steel pipe is quite uniform after hot dipped galvanizing. Their service life is quite long compared with other steel pipes without plating. A series of chemical reactions of solution can make zinc more powerful attached on the surface. These steps is to form alloy layer which can protect raw steel pipe.

After understanding the production process, we may be concerned about the steel pipe price. In the steel pipe market, the price is based on the different materials and specifications. Some price is determined by production or processing procedures which can reduce the cost of products, thus the market price will be lower. Some steel pipe manufacturers will be in the pursuit of quality, so the cost is relatively high. Therefore, competitive advantage for these enterprises is not very obvious in the steel pipe market. if you invest much money on the improvement of product quality, the price will be set high. However, the investment is very necessary for a long-term progress for the company. Of course, you may assure that the steel pipe price will not always fluctuate at any time. Governments will control the price in a reasonable scope for the benefits of customers.

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