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Something that you don’t know about galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is the most common type of steel pipe in today’s steel tube market and it is also widely used in all walks of life. However, do you know all the details about galvanized steel pipe? Many people maybe don’t know much about such pipes and will make jokes in practice. So we will take you to the world of galvanized steel pipe. Actually. The market of the galvanized steel pipe is very broad. However, not all the people know the pipe specifications. This kind of steel pipe also has its own specification and relevant standard. Because of different purposes, except for zinc layer, it also has its own specific size.

galvanized steel pipe

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of galvanized steel pipe specification. One classification method is according to the pipe shape. If the cross section is round, it will be called round steel pipe and so is the square steel pipe. In our daily life, many people will often see galvanized square tubes. This is because it has better fixed performance. In specific project, this kind of square steel pipe will be more stable and convenient. Of course, this does not mean that the round steel pipe is out of the market. That is not the case and there are many occasions where the round steel pipe is necessary.

As the impact of the environmental protection requirement increases, steel pipe price will be affected by the environmental factor. Generally speaking, the price of galvanized steel tube is greatly affected by the hot dipped galvanized steel pipe because this kind of steel pipe can cause serious environmental problems. The price will increase because of the higher production cost. In many countries, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe always has certain specifications such as the thickness of the zinc layer, insulation level. All these are based on the requirements of environmental protection.

In this case, foreign trade for steel pipe such as square steel pipe will be affected if the requirements from environmental protection can not meet the standards. Apart from environmental protection, there are also certain international policies as well as diplomatic situation that will affect the foreign trade. By the way, another common classification method is from the galvanizing technology that is cold galvanizing or hot dipped galvanizing. The galvanizing method will make a very large difference in the effect of the zinc and the area where it can be applied.

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