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Performance of building curtain wall

The reason why curtain wall building can be widely applied and promoted in various fields of architecture in a very short time is that it has unique functions and characteristics that other materials cannot match:
1. Good artistic effect. The artistic effect produced by the curtain wall is incomparable to other materials. It breaks down the traditional boundary between Windows and walls and subtly blends them together. It makes the building appear in different hues from different angles, giving people a dynamic beauty as the sun, moonlight, lights and surrounding scenery change. This unique and bright artistic effect integrates with the surrounding environment, avoids the oppression of tall buildings, and can change the indoor and outdoor environment, so that the scenery inside and outside is integrated.

2, light weight. The glass curtain wall is light compared to other walls. In the case of the same area, the quality of the glass curtain wall is about 1/10~1/12 of the brick wall, 1/15 of the dry hanging marble and granite curtain wall, and 1/5~1/7 of the concrete hanging board. Because the quality of the building’s internal and external walls is 1/4~1/5 of the total amount of the building, the use of glass curtain wall can greatly reduce the quality of the building, significantly reduce the impact of earthquake on the building.
3, fast installation speed. Because the curtain wall is mainly composed of profiles and various plates, the material specifications are standard, and it can be industrialized. The construction is simple and no wet operation, and the operation process is less, so the construction speed is fast.
4, easy to update and maintain. Reconfigurable and easy to replace. Because of its single material, light weight and simple installation, it is very convenient and fast to change the new facade after the curtain wall is damaged all the year round, and maintenance is also simple.
5, temperature stress is small. Glass, metal, stone and other flexible materials are connected with the frame, reducing the temperature stress caused by temperature changes on the curtain wall structure, and can reduce the damage caused by earthquake. At present, all countries in the world are faced with the problem of sustainable utilization of resources, building energy conservation has been placed in a pivotal position in many countries. Germany proposed 75% building energy efficiency standard; The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan also attach great importance to building energy conservation. In some developed countries, organic buildings and zero-energy buildings have emerged.

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