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Knowledge about straight welded pipe in the production operation

In production, there is a lot of room for welding. In today’s market, the types of welded pipes are mainly welded steel pipes and all the main types of welded pipes are occupied by it. This is because the steel is more stable and more rigid both in the corrosion resistance and the anti-pressure performance as well as more prominent. For welding steel pipe, according to the welding method, it can be divided into straight seam welding tube and other kinds of welding pipe.

black welded pipe

The so-called straight seam welding tube has linear welding interface while other types of welded pipes are welding excuses that are curved. These different types of welded pipes may also differ in terms of their application. Of course, steel pipe price differs because of different welding methods. For other types of welded pipes, the price is a little higher than the straight seam welding tube. In the straight welded pipe, more detailed classification can be made. This classification has two ways. One is based on the shape of the steel pipe to make classification and the other one is based on the relationship between application and term. Actually, the later classification method is depending on the application method.

In the classification of the steel tube shape which refers to the shape of the cross-section of the steel pipe, there are two main shapes one is welding tube and the other is round steel pipe. In practice, the two types of steel pipes will be applied in accordance with the requirements. However, in the range of application, the circular tube will be a bit wider. As we all know, the steel tube can be judged according to the name of the steel tube and the more common is galvanized steel pipe. You know zinc is a kind of insulating material and the galvanized steel tube is much more insulated than the regular steel pipe, which is used in some situations that require insulation. Therefore, the relationship between the term and the application of steel pipes is very close.

In addition to the above introduction, the price fluctuations are also a concern. The steel tube will fluctuate due to the price, transportation and production cost of the materials. For example, if the price of social oil rises, then the transportation cost will be increased after the steel pipe is finished. Therefore, steel pipe manufacturer need to grasp the market information to adjust their production plan.

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