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The classification of welded steel pipe

There are different types of welded steel pipe and it can be divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen blowing metric welded pipe, welded steel pipe, wire casing, electric welding thin wall pipe, spiral welded pipe and so on. Now we will talk about something about these specifications.

General welded pipe is often used for conveying low pressure liquid. The raw material steel is Q195A, Q215A,Q235A and it also can be welded with other mild steel. The production process includes bending, flattening and other experiments. The steel pipe surface should be smooth and no cracking. The cold rolled steel pipe size might be theoretic diameter which is different from the diameter in nature. According to the wall thickness it includes steel pipe and thickening steel pipe, if the divided standard is the form of the pipe end it has two types that are the pipe with thread and pipe without thread.

steel pipe

Another important type is galvanized steel pipe which is to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe. There are two types of zinc galvanization steel tube, one is hot dip galvanized tube and the other one is cold galvanized steel pipe which is also called electrical steel. The zinc coating of hot dip galvanized is thick while the price is higher than that of the electric galvanizing. Steel pipe manufacturers in China understand the difference very well in production process.

Oxygen steel welding is used for corrosion protection and some steel also has aluminized processing. Wire casing which is also called ordinary carbon steel welded pipe used in concrete and various power distribution project. Metric welded pipe which is made of ordinary carbon steel , quality carbon steel is the form of specification used for seamless tube. Metric tube have two types including ordinary ones and thin wall pipe. The common one is often used as a structure while the thin wall used to make furniture which is need to be ensure the steel pipe strength and bending test.

Transformer tube is used in the manufacture of transformer radiator pipe and other heat exchanger. Spiral welded pipe is mainly used in oil, natural gas pipeline which is to put the low carbon structural steel. steel pipe price is competitive in China and depending on the specifications and other factors. All the products should be meet the standard when producing them to make sure the quality which can ensure the project work out well and guarantee the life of workers.

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