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How to write new chapter for steel pipe enterprise

The domestic industry competition is very intense from the situation of welded steel pipes and the market is quite saturated, so more and more enterprises are entering into the international market. How to achieve better development in the international market for pipe enterprises? Taking galvanized square pipe as an example, we should not only have the advantages in the price of galvanized steel pipe as well as its specifications, but also adapt to the development rule of the international market to win a better development. We can think from the following aspects for domestic pipe enterprises.

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First of all, developing enterprises in the international market should have certain basic qualities. After all, there are great differences between international market and domestic market such as various languages as well as the differences between pipe and tube in foreign trade English. We will be passive if we don’t know it. The steel pipe manufacturers should do well in the basic preparation to pay attention to the related personnel introduction so as to strengthen the exploration of the international market. Of course, we should have a clear understanding of the basic rules and requirements. The other is to have a certain understanding of the customer to know the customer’s demand. This is also the basic quality that the enterprise should have. Companies face a lot of challenges in the international market and it is necessary to prepare accordingly to prevent the unexpected risks.

Secondly, domestic pipe enterprises should actively deal with problems in the international market such as the problems in the foreign trade of cold-formed hollow sections including models of product specifications. Due to the different weights and measures, it is easy to make errors in product specifications and to solve such problems in foreign trade actively. Don’t think that there is a problem and we lose the chance. Actually, we will be stronger by solving these problems. For pipe material enterprises, it is to experience the market discipline to be able to grow.

Of course, we should also need to plant out feet firmly on the domestic pipe market which is also a premise for the overall development. Domestic market can support up the international steel pipe with more powerful strength like the advantage of steel pipe price. It is difficult to have a better development without certain strengths, so the pipe enterprises should improve their own competitiveness.

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