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How to produce straight seam welded pipe

In our country, there are thousands of steel pipe manufacturers in the manufacturing of straight seam welded steel pipe. They are located in different cities with different specifications and round steel tube sizes while the basic production process is similar. Actually, the so-called straight seam welded steel pipe is made by hot rolled or cold rolled steel. The welding steel plate is presented as a long tube shape through special equipment.


In the industrial production construction, there will be a large number of different types of steel tubes. The price of welded steel tubes will be different because of various specifications. Welded steel pipes are widely used in all walks of life. For example, workers who engage in building tall buildings will use steel tubes in advance to set up scaffolding. Gas companies can transport gas for residents and they need to use steel pipes as a vehicle. For water companies, they provide residents with water by hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Actually, the manufacturing process of steel tube in China is basically the same.

Firstly, the first step that is very important is to test the raw materials no matter what the types and applications of the welded steel pipes. In order to produce qualified steel tube products, of course, we must ensure the quality of raw materials. At present, the raw material testing is mainly using the whole plate ultrasonic inspection. Once the defect of raw material is found, it needs repairing or replacing immediately to ensure that all steel pipes such as rectangular hollow section produced in the near future are qualified.

Secondly, edge milling. The process is to use the edge milling machine to make a reasonable shape so that the width, parallelism and groove shape of the material can meet the production requirements. The third one is precurving side. As each steel pipe has its own curvature requirements before forming, it is important to use the pre-bending machine to bend the plate side in advance, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of the best steel pipe formation.

In addition, ultrasonic quality inspection is also very important. High quality testing is required for welded materials. The advantage of ultrasonic inspection of the welded pipe is that the test results can be maintained in the form of image and text so as to facilitate the quality tracking of products in the future. Except for the above manufacturing processes, steel pipe manufacturers should also need to pay special attention to use environmental protection coating processing.

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