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Introducing basic welded steel pipe knowledge

Steel pipe has become a popular product in many fields, which can be quite effective. With the application of different areas, the types of steel tube are also quite different such as welded steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe. When speaking of steel pipe, the more common type is welded steel tube. So do you know what kind of production processing technology of pipe production?

welded steel pipe

With the use of different fields, the specifications of welded steel tubes are diverse and the requirements of processing quality are also vary. Welded steel pipe, a kind of pipe formed by steel plate or steel strip, has very simple production craft and the production efficiency is very high, providing more abundant steel pipe specifications such as cold rolled steel pipe sizes. Nowadays, it can be applied into numerous fields especially in construction industry.

Pipe application is closely related with pipe term and the actual production of steel pipe is different from the current steel pipe market. Pipe specification chart, according to the material and purposes of the steel tube, basically can be divided into the following several kinds: the first is general welded pipe, which is ‘low pressure fluid conveying pipe’, known as ‘clarinet’. The application of this kind of steel pipe is widely such as in our daily life fields, gas pipe and tubing, etc. Secondly, according to the wall thickness of steel tube, it mainly divided into ordinary steel pipe and thickening steel pipe. Different projects require different pipe diameters, so in the actual purchase, you need to understand your own demands. In addition, according to the pipe form, pipe can also be classified into threaded steel tube and steel pipe without thread. Therefore customer actual requirements should be put at the priority list for steel pipe manufacturers.

There are lots of factors that have impact on the steel pipe price. So we should consider more situations when purchasing steel pipes. For example, when you want to buy round steel pipe, you need to consider pipe material, pipe sizes into consideration. Of course, you also need to make a comparison about price details offered by different pipe suppliers because different suppliers will provide customers with different steel pipe price. These are the main introduction according to the demand in the industry field. Do you have some understanding about welded steel pipe? If have, you can participate in the activities of steel pipe selections with high cost performance.

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