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How to do well in the foreign trade market

The steel pipe manufacturers who immersing themselves into producing various steel pipe products such as pre galvanized steel rectangular and square tube have strong power in the domestic steel pipe market. However, they do not settle for the China steel pipe market and will not keep a low profile in the international steel pipe market. So more and more steel pipe manufacturers set stage for entering international steel pipe market and score results. Foreign trade market is a vast filed, but in the process of development they will face a bumpy road such as the difference between pipe and tube in the foreign trade English. Therefore, how to do well in the complex and volatile foreign trade market? There are several ways to think about it as follow.


Steel pipe suppliers often see steel pipe price as top priority when speaking of expanding sale is also all the more sensitive factor in the pipe market whether increasing or declining as it will cause a huge market reaction. For galvanized steel pipe, with a large demand in the steel pipe market,many customers want to be able to have a more favorable price while the manufacturers should set a reasonable price strategy. In terms of price formulation, one tip is to ensure that the basic profits of the enterprises, the other one is to take into account the cost factor. In a world, steel pipe manufacturers can’t be reduced to passive situation, which will affect the market share for enterprises.

What about steel pipe specifications? We should attach more importance to the difference between customer requirements and our sizes. Taking square tubing sizes as an example, we should confirm the specification demands with our customers in advance, adopting standard sizes, otherwise it is no hard to cause troubles or obstacles before production. How to confirm? Of course, we need to get a consensus with concrete terms and offer between suppliers and customers. There are many rules in the international market, but for the specifications of the products, it is a definite content without doubt as long as it is implemented.

At last, overall promotion of the steel pipe industry is also very important. Many factors keep unstable in the international market. The steel pipe manufacturers should improve their competence or proficiency to counter risks. One strategy is to integrate industry resources. For example, we must make clear of the downstream of galvanized steel pipe industry. In addition, the advantages of resource integration can effectively improve the production capacity of enterprises.

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