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Different types of production line design

Assembly line which is also called production line is crucial to the efficiency or productiveness for a workshop and we should take its design seriously in the production. Different kinds of designs have different functions in different environments and we should take some factors into consideration when choosing a better line configuration such as available space, the classification of goods and so on. For steel pipe manufacturers, they often adopt a straight line design or a U-shaped design.

The type of production line design that we use most maybe is the straight line whose layout for the line is almost a single line and it is running in one direction. With specific factory setting, workers can perform specific functions such as the production of round steel pipe. For essential tasks, we can create a favored situation which allow for a structured process and this type of production line design is available in small factory settings.
design of production line

Another type of the production line design which is known as the U design is also adopted by many factories. With this design , the products move around an open-ended loop and individual employees can attach or add some elements to the goods then each product such as square steel pipe can reach the end of the production line. The production line is available in a small amount of space with the help of this type configuration. Besides production floors should commensurate with various products and U-shaped lines need much less space compared with straight line assemblies.

The mixed model design seeks to take advantage of not only the straight line but also the U-shape for most companies because we should minimize defects related with each production line design. Comparing a road with this production model type, we can find the similar point between them that is the direction, sometimes straight while sometimes curves. Any variables will be taken into consideration when speaking of production line of this type which must be accommodated in the manufacturing process. Inspection and the removal of quality goods are also very important in the design. In fact, there is no design superior to all others for production line design. Chinese B2B steel pipe company should choose the right design for production, understanding the limitations of their own condition, setting reasonable plans for production output so that it can achieve the ideal layout and improve the productivity. Every type of line possesses their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice is depend on the reality.

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