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Curtain wall systems are very popular in the modern buildings today

Curtain wall systems emerged in the 19th century with the development of large glass panels and became more common from the 1930’s when aluminium was made available as a construction material for the first time. They are now closely associated with the modernist movement and in particular, the international style, which became popular in the middle of the 20th century. This was an ornament-free, stark form of modernism, characterized by the repetition of units and the extensive use of glass. It is a style that is still in widespread use for tall buildings in cities around the world.

In most cases, curtain walls play an important role in architecture which can not only protect mid-rise and some high-rise buildings against the harshest elements, and also can improve vertical stability, especially on structures in natural disaster zones. In recent years, curtain wall systems range from manufacturer’s standard catalog systems to specialized custom walls. Especially custom curtain wall assemblies provide an excellent way to create a true architectural signature on a building. These systems are most often used to make a key statement at the entrance or podium level, and to convey the design language of the building. In that regard, custom curtain wall generally has a higher curtain wall price compared with standard curtain walls in the market. However, custom walls become cost competitive with standard systems as the wall area increases in some larger buildings.

Generally speaking, the success of a curtain wall system depends on two important features that are the quality of gaskets, sealants and the quality of installation of the panels to the main frame. Therefore, curtain walls and the sealants require regular maintenance to maximize its life. A typical life of any curtain wall is generally 10-15 years. Curtain wall systems are typically designed with extruded aluminum framing members, although the first curtain walls were made with steel frames. At present, aluminium curtain walls are very popular used in the modern commercial buildings. The aluminum frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits such as daylighting. However, the effects of light on visual comfort as well as solar heat gain in a building are more difficult to control when using large amounts of glass infill. Other common infills include: stone veneer, metal panels, louvres, and operable windows or vents. Dong Peng Bo Da Steel Pipe Group is a famous steel pipe manufacturer in China. We are committed to providing various types of steel products for your choice in your building project. Contact us if you have any need in the coming days.

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