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Residential curtain wall systems in applications

What are the benefits of a curtain wall? One popular answer concerns the wall’s ability to allow a flood of volumes of natural light indoors. This infuses the interior of your living space with sunshine and can go as far as alleviating seasonal depression in buildings. Today, curtain wall systems can be fitted into commercial and residential properties so as to add a unique feature to any house or commercial property. Originally designed for commercial applications, the demand for exquisite architectural glazing in the residential market has increased dramatically in recent years resulting in superb residential structural glass systems. Furthermore, a curtain wall is also a cost-effective option for residential homes.

In the modern times, people prefer living in buildings that is open and well-illuminated so that they can appreciate the welcoming atmosphere created by a residential curtain wall system. Aluminium curtain wall systems have been widely applied in residential buildings for a long time. Aluminium residential curtain wall buildings have a good performance of waterproofing in applications. Furthermore, residential curtain wall systems envelope buildings in non-structural glass and aluminum facades that transfer loads and resistance to the building’s main structure. These glazing systems utilize thermally broken heavy duty glass panes for optimal heat efficiency. In addition, some art glass shells can protect the interior from the elements and create a safe and comfortable living environment for people. Dong Peng Bo Da Steel Pipe Group is a famous steel pipe manufacturer in China. We are committed to providing various types of steel products for your choice in your building project. Contact us if you have any need in the coming days.

In most every instance, glass residential curtain wall systems require custom specifications and fitting. There are no one-size-fits and each project is unique. You can retro-fit your home with a variety of residential curtain wall systems and glass partition walls, as long as you’re mindful of your load-bearing walls. Because glass curtain walls are not load bearing, you can’t simply replace any wall with a glass and aluminum structure. If a wall is not load bearing, the install is simple. In addition, because of the way that the glass blocks fit their aluminum frame they provide an air tight fit. That fit helps to seal the building so that warm air is not lost during the winter and during the hotter months of the year while cool air is kept inside too. Choosing energy efficient glass curtain wall systems also help to reflect UV radiation so that the building does not become an oven during summers. The energy efficiency that curtain walls provide help keep the cost of building operations as low as possible. It also means that tenants will be disturbed less frequently.

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