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Current problems of visualization technology

Architectural design visualization technology, as a new technology, like any new things, needs a mature and perfect process. At present, there are still the following problems in architectural visual design:
(1) As an emerging interdisciplinary discipline of digital information technology and architectural technology, modern curtain wall design, talents are the biggest bottleneck factor restricting its development. Architectural curtain wall visualization designers are 3D visualization artists with professional and rich knowledge of curtain wall. They use modern 3D digital means to replace the traditional painting brush to visualize the project and show the results satisfactory to all project participants, which puts forward high requirements for architectural visualization designers. At present, there is a serious shortage of high-end talents, and colleges and universities have not yet formed a systematic basic training system for professional talents. Therefore, the cultivation of architectural visual design talents has become the most urgent task for the development of this major.

(2) Architectural visual design tools are still not powerful enough to meet the practical needs. Architectural design visualization of dynamic rendering needs strong function of computer hardware, especially for computer graphics processor (GPU) demanding, ordinary (even the highest configuration) in personal computer with a large project complex 3 d model of modeling and rendering often appear DH even crash, which can’t work smoothly. There are also many imperfection and professional problems in the production of software, such as the inability to automatically realize the time-correlation characteristics and the background layouts in different scenes of natural climate, which makes the current design of curtain wall frame inefficient and has a long cycle.
(3) The application popularity of architectural design visualization technology is still not high, and only some important large projects have carried out architectural design visualization application. The proportion of projects with visual application of architectural design is seriously low. The depth of visualization application in curtain wall facade system is still not enough, mostly staying in the video creation, its purpose is also to report the design to the client, show the project. Building the breadth of the visualization technology is still not enough, more than the current architectural visualization technology is applied to the architectural design of visualization technology.

(4) The visual design and interaction devices are not rich enough, and the types of media devices for displaying architectural visual data flow are limited, resulting in poor experience. In addition, common visualization tools in structural glass curtain wall, such as VR glasses and VR headsets, have poor experience. Long-term use may easily lead to adverse reactions such as dizziness. Therefore, there is still a long way to go in the direction of improvement and optimization of visual tool experience.

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