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Commercial benefits of using a curtain wall system nowadays

Nowadays, various types of curtain wall systems have been widely used in high-rise buildings commercially, and it’s one of the most noticeable features in modern architectural designs. Most business owners prefer curtain wall systems due to the plethora of commercial gains it provides them. It is one of the commercial glaziers’ recommended systems and one of the most feasible options.

In the current market, glass curtain wall and aluminium curtain wall are the two typical kinds of curtain wall widely used in commercial buildings for a variety of applications. In general, there are a couple of distinctive benefits of using curtain wall systems in modern commercial buildings as below:

1. Impressive Visuals:
The striking and stunning visuals that a curtain wall adds to the design of the building are indubitable. With the installment of curtain walls, the stylish and sturdy design of the building is impressive enough to attract clients and meet the standard demands of modern architectural structures and design.
2. Flexibility In Design:
Another excellent advantage is that curtain walls can provide flexibility in design. While planning and designing your project, you have a great range of autonomy to build customized structures with the help of professional curtain wall suppliers. As mentioned, the building of curtain walls involves aluminum which is a highly flexible metal; thus, there are no design obstructions. Commercial glaziers and glass manufacturers can quickly meet the project criteria that help you reflect the business branding.
3. Reduces power consumption:
Installing curtain walls might prove a cost-effective investment since it reduces power consumption to a certain extent. Curtain walls help in stabilizing the building temperature. Compared to ordinary glass, modern glass curtain walls reduce 40.8% of the heating demands of the building. Plus, glass curtain walls can increase lighting efficiency, reducing the lighting costs in applications. In addition, curtain walls also mitigate the penetration of UltraViolet rays.
4. Safety Against Fire:
Curtain walls create a buffer between the compartments of the building which increases the safety against Fire. In case of an accident or emergency, fire rated curtain wall can slow down the spread of fire movement in facilities. The exterior walls of the curtain walls are the first barrier towards the accidental blasts and fire outbreak. Specially designed laminated glass used in curtain walls can be blast resistant. It can withstand forces so that the interior and the workers inside the buildings stay protected.
5. Eliminates Water & Pollutants Infiltration:
The curtain walls don’t allow water infiltration during precipitation. It also does not allow the entry of air pollutants. These functions are environmentally friendly since it also blocks the access of carbon dioxide and increases the building structure’s durability.

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