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A few tips for using plastic greenhouse in applications

Unlike glass, plastic greenhouses are able to withstand impacts from heavy weather conditions and objects such as footballs or rocks without leaving any sign of distress or damage. Plastic is shatter resistant and lasts longer over time, and the material is much stronger than glass in applications if you are worried about breaking glass. It’s also cheaper to maintain than glass and easier to fix or replace should you need to replace a panel in your greenhouse.

1. How to build an effective plastic greenhouse?
The material of your greenhouse will be subjected to quite a lot of extreme conditions. It may need to endure torrential rains, strong winds, or heavy snowfall. Even direct sunlight isn’t exactly favorable to all plastics since a lot of them can turn brittle with constant UV exposure. A single tear on your greenhouse plastic can drastically reduce its effectivity, so investing in a high-quality plastic sheet made with the appropriate material will save you from a lot of future headaches. Transparency typically is not much of an issue for a glass greenhouse but finding the right balance between transparency and thickness can be tricky if you’re using plastic sheets in your greenhouse. On the other hand, although thick plastic sheets are stronger, they are also heavier. A plastic sheet provides no structural integrity whatsoever. This means that all of the weight of the plastic sheet will fall onto the frame of the greenhouse. While a heavy plastic sheet isn’t necessarily bad, just make sure that your greenhouse was built with the weight of the plastic sheet in mind. In addition, if you need to add an exhaust fan or vent in your greenhouse after construction would be complete, it’s as simple as cutting a properly sized hole, where with glass you always risk shattering the panel you’re working on. You never know when you’ll need more air circulation, the easy adaptability of plastic greenhouses make them excellent for DIY projects.

2. Why to use a plastic greenhouse in your farming project?
Compared with solar greenhouse which is very popular in the modern agriculture today, plastic greenhouses, in most cases, whether they’re constructed using polycarbonate panels or plastic sheeting, are affordable and appear at a number of price points, depending on just how elaborate of a structure you’re shopping for. From plastic high tunnels to portable greenhouses with roll up doors, the choices of shapes and sizes are overwhelming, and much less expensive than their glass counterparts. There are lots of reasons to love and embrace a plastic greenhouse. Are you ready to start your plastic greenhouse project now?

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