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Several Notes on Glass Curtain Wall Construction

(1) According to the “Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering“, the glass curtain wall is suitable for civil construction projects with a fortification intensity of 6-8 degrees and a building height of no more than 150m. The curtain wall project should be designed in accordance with the requirements of the code and attached with the calculation, the calculation results should be examined and confirmed by the original design unit. If energy saving is required, thermal profiles should be used. Before curtain wall construction, a special construction plan shall be prepared as required. If it exceeds a certain scale, experts shall be organized to demonstrate according to the procedures stipulated in The Safety Management Measures for Relatively Dangerous Partial and Partial Projects.

(2) The specification, model, factory certificate and certificate of origin of the metal profiles entering the site must be checked whether they meet the requirements of modern curtain wall design; Check the chemical composition and mechanical properties test report, verify whether it meets the national standard requirements. Steel members: when the height of the curtain wall is more than 40m, it is advisable to use high weather-resistant structural steel, and the surface is coated with anti-corrosion paint; When cold-formed thin-wall steel is used, the wall thickness shall not be less than 3.5mm. Aluminum alloy profiles: should conform to “Aluminum alloy building Profiles” GB/T5237. Among the provisions of high precision, surface anodic oxide film thickness shall not be lower than the current national standards of AA15.
(3) before profile cutting, carefully check the drawings, and retest the curtain wall building, adjust the profile cutting size according to the actual size.
(4) Strict process management, keep the working environment clean and orderly. Semi-finished products should adhere to the process inspection system, timely eliminate unqualified products; Curtain wall components must be qualified before entering the assembly and installation process. Unqualified products are strictly prohibited to be used in the project.
(5) The cutting size accuracy, groove processing accuracy and assembly accuracy of profile processing should meet the provisions of relevant standards.
(6) The profile assembly should be firm, and the connection gap should be reliably sealed. The tapping screws used for the connection of aluminum profiles should be made of stainless steel products. The tip of the screws should not protrude into the slot of the curtain wall frame to prevent the glass from being broken by local extrusion.
The above contents are sorted out according to the problems encountered in the practical work of the students for your reference. Please timely communicate and correct any problems.

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