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Guard against theft of curtain wall

Anti-theft is divided into two types: component anti-theft and anti-theft function. Curtain wall as building envelope should be fully considered in the design of its component anti-theft and anti-theft function.

As the curtain wall components used materials for aluminum alloy, its price is more expensive, and the order cycle is longer. If the storage is not good enough to cause theft, the project period will be affected, so it is particularly important to pay attention to the protection of anti-theft in the process of production and transportation. Curtain wall components must be disassembled with special tools. After installing the curtain wall, each square meter of curtain wall components cannot be disassembled within 15 minutes.
Curtain wall anti-theft function refers to that in the case of the curtain wall components are not damaged, bandits can not enter the building at will, because the curtain wall has the function of decoration, so it is not appropriate to add anti-theft facilities on the outer surface, in the design of the modern curtain wall should be designed to use a special structure to disassemble, or add anti-theft railings in the interior.
The structure of curtain wall anti-theft function mainly includes lock handle, door lock, window lock, multi-point lock, bulletproof glass, anti-theft net, infrared sensor and so on.
Handle, door lock, window lock and multi-point lock have similar anti-theft properties. They are all fastened by the lock head, but their anti-theft effects are different. The lock of handle, door lock, window lock is a bit fixed, and multi-point lock is a few points fixed, lock distribution is on both sides of door and window, so the anti-theft effect of multi-point lock is better. But the multi-point lock is not easy to repair, after the damage to remove the opening fan for repair, the price is more expensive. Handle, door lock, window lock is easy to maintain, the anti-theft effect is general, the price is more appropriate than the multi-point lock for the curtain wall structure.
Bulletproof glass is a type of glass made of special material that was originally used to block bullets from hurting them. It is mainly used for building periphery. Some rooms in some buildings require confidentiality, security, theft, etc. Bulletproof glass solves the weakness that ordinary glass can not be anti-theft, and has the transparent performance of ordinary glass, and solves the problem of anti-theft indoor light.
Anti-theft net is mainly made of metal material processing network anti-theft device, which is mainly used for curtain wall building periphery. After the curtain wall glass is damaged, the anti-theft net prevents people from entering and plays an anti-theft role. The infrared sensor is applied to the anti-theft device of aluminum alloy curtain wall, which is a good way to solve the anti-theft of aluminum alloy curtain wall, and makes the anti-theft of aluminum alloy curtain wall enter the electronic stage.

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