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Production introduction of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is a kind of galvanized steel pipe which has a better application effect compared with cold galvanized steel pipe. Nowadays, both production and processing areas have a large demand for this kind of steel pipe. So what is the production technology of this hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and what are the main production steps and technical requirements?

galvanized steel pipe

Of course, there are various steel pipe specifications because different fields need different sizes. The main application area includes gas pipeline, greenhouse as well as heating pipe. In order to guarantee the pipe quality, we should pay attention to each production links. According to pipe production process, the first step born in our minds is to check black steel pipe which is different from hot dipped galvanized steel pipe, a kind of raw material, because we need to see if the raw material meet the demands in pipe industry. After that, the following step is hanging, rinsing, pickling and so on to tidy up the iron oxide on the steel pipe surface. The last step is to immerse the pipe into ammonium chloride solution so that it can form more uniform coating, which can prolong the service life of steel tube as well as guarantee its corrosion resistance. Of course, in the process of actual processing, we should pay attention to the appropriate control in each step to reduce quality risk.

With respect to galvanized steel pipe production, we need to deal with the problems in the foreign trade of galvanized steel pipe. The technical requirements include steel grade and chemical composition that should be in accordance with the process of state’s basic requirement. As its processing method is hot dipping, we need to care about thread and pipe joint. All the steel pipes such as hot-rolled steel pipe should be consistent with its technical requirements. The most important demand is zinc coating that should be uniform without any bubbles as well as various plait layer.

You may want to know how to distinguish galvanized steel pipe. Actually, their galvanizing method is quite different, one is hot soaking and the other one is electroplating directly. Another identifying method is to judge the steel pipe material and processing technology. From the steel pipe price in the pipe market, the price of hot galvanizing tube will be more expensive, so we need to have a complete understanding of the actual purchase.

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