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Introducing the differences of galvanized steel pipe from manufacturers

When speaking of steel pipe manufacturer, some people may think that this kind of manufacturer is relatively low who can only know how to produce without relevant pipe knowledge. Actually, it is not the truth. Most of the steel pipes such as welded steel pipe in the steel pipe are produced by these manufacturers. Without professional technology, how can they make these pipes? In all kinds of steel pipe, one kind is obvious that is galvanized steel pipe. Many layman may not even know what it is. However, we can know that there is a layer of zinc on the pipe surface from the pipe term. It is made from common pipe such as black steel pipe by galvanizing process. Zinc layer make the pipe has a very good insulation effect for the metal is not conductive. Because of this, the steel pipe is applied in the environment where insulation is necessary. Of course, the hot dipped galvanized steel pipe also has the same performance.

galvanized steel pipe

The central strength of the pipe manufacturer is the mastery of information compared with other foreign companies. For example, in the classification of steel pipe, many people just know the difference between hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing which is often mentioned. Without that, we should also know the difference between round steel pipe and square steel pipe. These two kinds of steel pipe are often used in all walks of life. After all , sometimes, the influence of pipe shape on the project is quite obvious. If not considering the shape problem in the production, we will be confused with more difficulties. Generally speaking, the price of hot galvanized square steel tube is the highest in the whole galvanized tube.

Steel pipe manufacturer should also differentiate the galvanized steel tube very clearly because nobody is more familiar with that. There are no more descriptions about identifying round steel pipe and square steel pipe. We will talk more about hot galvanizing pipe and cold galvanizing pipe. Actually, the difference between the two types of steel pipes is clear. First of all, the color of cold galvanized steel pipe is lighter than that of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe which is immersed in zinc solution directly not by plating. Then the zinc layer is thicker for hot dipped pipe. In a word, it is quite easy to identify them and hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is more prevalent all over the world.

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