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How to strengthen the competition ability

The requirements for straight seam welded steel pipe are increasing. If enterprises want to get a better development, it will have to constantly improve their competition power, otherwise it is easy to be eliminated. In the face of the fierce competition in the steel pipe market, it is important to make efforts and try in the following aspects to improve competitiveness of pipe enterprises.

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The first one is product pricing strategy which is a major part of the sales strategy such as welding pipe prices should change according to the different market conditions and we cannot use the same price for all customers whose purchase ability vary. Corporate profits will have an adverse impact if pricing strategy is not reasonable. We should value pricing strategy from many aspects so as to find a suitable one. Of course, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments depending on changing market to improve its competitive power. The second one is price performance ratio. Products with cost-effective are always well received by customers. Compared with abundant steel pipe specifications, we need to improve product quality at the same time, reducing the steel pipe price to a reasonable range to get more customer trusts. Besides, it is necessary to upgrade the production technology of the pipe materials to gain more favorable market position. Promotion is a relatively long process and enterprise should make well prepared especially in the production of scientific research investment.

In addition, the enterprises’ own comprehensive quality should be continuously enhanced such as the knowledge of differences between galvanized steel pipes, market rules as well as environmental demands. Otherwise, we will fail to be in a good response to customer questions and only to find losing the cooperation opportunity. It is a pity for steel pipe manufacturers losing customers without gaining these basic pipe knowledge.

Last but not least, we need to improve our ability to adapt to fluctuated market. At present, there are many factors that affect pipe price. We should make an investigation of the pipe market on a regular basis to adjust production trend timely. Moreover, we need to deal with more complex market environment and the development of pipe enterprises is gradually. We should accumulate our strength to gain a solid market position. The investigation includes well received steel pipe specifications such as hot rolled steel pipe size, zinc coating thickness and so on. Any questions about competition ability?

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