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How to win customer trust for pipe enterprises

The development of steel pipe manufacturers who produce pipe products such as hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is closely linked with market share as well as customer orders. Therefore, it is very important for a pipe production enterprise to gain the trust of customers. So how to take effective measures to improve company fame and win trusts? Actually, it involves many aspects for a company to gain trusts. It includes not only excellent product quality, but also other outstanding performances such as good after-sell services. Now we can talk about them in detail.


One of the most important factor is steel pipe price. As you know, customers are quite sensitive to steel pipe price. And customers often shop around more to choose the most reasonable price according to their own situations. Although there is an average price in this pipe industry, many customers will still require suppliers make discounts, which is also a challenge for customers as they need to surrender part of profits. However, we need to know how to set price with right tactics. Making discounts is not meaning to reduce price blindly, which will undermine reasonable profits of steel pipe suppliers. In a long run, price war will take its toll on company development.

Another advantage for winning trust is rich steel pipe specifications such as round steel tube sizes. Steel pipe market is changing, so are customer requirements. Rich steel pipe types can provide customers with large choice scope so that they can purchase desirable products. For the production of galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe manufacturers should enrich pipe sizes table and list some special specifications for the reference. Besides, more and more customers require customized services that have a higher demand for production models introduced from foreign country or desired by professional technicians. These measures will lead to more confidences from customers in the production capacity of the enterprises.

Last but not least, personnel quality is very important which will affect after-sell services. Staff involved in this industry need to grasp professional pipe knowledge to answer questions from various customers such as how to distinguish galvanized steel pipe and how to choose steel pipes. Professional attitude will well received by customers and they will be assure of placing orders with this kind of steel pipe manufacturers. However, the process is improving personnel quality is up and downs and we should be more patient. Improving training mechanism for staff is a good way so as to benefit long-term development of enterprises.

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