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How to look at the price fluctuation in steel pipe market

Today, steel pipe has been widely used in various applications. Diverse types of pipes has gradually been part of both our daily infrastructures and actual production activities. Furthermore, iron and steel industry has always been recognized as the major part of second pillar in China’s heavy industry. Furthermore, steel pipe plays a very significant role in the development of both China’s and global economy as well as advancement of human society. Here, we would like to introduce something briefly about welded steel pipe.

welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe, as one common type among various pipes, is molded from steel plate or steel sheet and then undergoes the welding processing. There are various factors to bring into the fluctuation of steel pipe prices in steel pipe market. In some senses, it will contribute to our better understanding of steel market trend through the rational analysis of the changes in the price of steel tubes. By and large, there are common factors that will cause price fluctuation as follows:

1) Steel pipe sizes
In general, steel pipe all along plays an indispensable role in construction activities. As for round steel pipe, its specified sizes mostly rely on its definite practical purpose. Therefore, there will exist distinct pipe pricing based on different sizes of pipes. Some experienced developers tend to choose much simpler steel pipe sizes. Considering the simple sizes of pipes can be processed one-time, but without welding processing, it will lead to certain corresponding fluctuations in market price.

2) Galvanization processing
Take hot dipped galvanized steel pipe for an example. As a rule, it can be considered the basic primary purpose to undergo galvanization processing so as to extend the service life of the steel pipe as well as enhance the corrosion resistance of the pipe itself. And distinct pricing for products mostly depends on different processing techniques. Relatively speaking, hot dipped galvanized pipe price is relatively high, compared with other common types of pipes. At present, there shows a rising trend towards hot dipped galvanized steel pipe prices. Nevertheless, considering that this type of pipes has more practical purposes, galvanized steel pipe has and will have a broad market prospects in future.

In short, as the saying goes, there is a reason for everything. Certainly, besides the two factors above, we also should consider some other factors, such as irregular changes in market supply and demand, environmental protection requirements and etc. Anyway, it is believed that with a good command of product knowledge, steel pipe manufactures will be able to have another string to their bow.

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