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How are curtain wall systems built

Typically a curtain wall system comprises a spectrum of facade design. The construction of a curtain wall consists of two main components: the frame and the glass. The frame is typically aluminum and, in some cases, steel. Aluminum is the first choice because it’s light. Different types of glass can be used, such as annealed glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and so on. The assembly of these components takes place in the factory or on the installation site. Generally speaking, factory assembly saves on installation time and labor. Assembling on-site requires more time and equipment, but allows for adjustments if necessary. In some cases, manufacturers substitute glass with metal panels or thin stone, although glass remains the most common.

In practical applications, adequate access systems for tall buildings are needed for regular inspection. It definitely creates a dust barrier for the building. They can be classified by their method of fabrication and installation into two basic categories: The Stick System, where the curtain wall frame and panels are installed and connected piece by piece on site, while The Unitized System where the entire curtain wall is fabricated and assembled in the factory before shipping. Both these systems are essentially with glazed panels. You can choose either type of curtain wall systems in your building based on the curtain wall costs. In case of tall buildings, they are installed from the internal side. Careful integration with other elements including wall claddings, roofs and etc. is required for a successful installation.

In recent years, aluminium curtain walls are very popular in the modern commercial buildings, which can be custom designed and manufactured according to the colour, shade and tint thereby offering a wide choice of a facade design. As a rule, the success of a curtain wall system depends on its effective ceiling, thermal performance, moisture protection, sound insulation and visual appearance. Any curtain wall system should be designed to collect any condensation on the exterior side. Careful detailing and designing of the curtain wall prevents any movement caused by thermal changes and wind pressure, therefore, the connections to anchor it to the building structure should be so designed so as to allow differential movements. Another very important aspect is the fire safety. If designed well, these glazed panels offer an easy access for firefighters. But they may trap smoke and poisonous substances within the enclosed space. So, curtain walls can play both the tormentor and saviour in case emergencies.

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