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Galvanized steel pipe—a unique pipe category

Galvanized steel pipe such as hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is the most unique steel pipe in this industry. Although it is also one kind of the steel pipes, its distinctive properties and performances differ it from other common steel pipes like black steel pipe which is the raw material widely used in building construction industry. It is not very difficult for customers to distinguish galvanized steel pipe among steel pipes as its obvious zinc coating so that we can recognize it at the first sight. Of course, except for its zinc coating, we can also find that its property is also quite unique. Now we will talk about more details about galvanized steel pipe.

galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipes are coated with zinc on the basis of common steel pipes. In terms of galvanizing method, it can be classified into two types. One is hot galvanizing and the other type is cold galvanizing known as China cold galvanized steel pipe. Of course, the effect of zinc plating on different technologies is quite different. As for how to choose galvanizing method, customers can consult experts in this industry as well as depend on own actual demands acquired from building project. As a saying goes ‘suitable is the best’, customers can make a comprehensive consideration about choosing steel pipes or choosing processing technologies. Many customers will focus on the steel pipe price which is a very important factor. However, steel pipe price is just one factor that is not the crucial element. Besides, these prices are based on galvanized steel pipe and it is impossible that there exist overcharge behavior. In addition, the market competition is more and more fierce, so unsuitable price will be forgone by customers who are sensitive to steel pipe price. As far as the steel pipe specification is concerned, it is different from other steel pipes and it is made according to the specification sheet of galvanized steel pipe. Of course, with the development of construction industry, customized product is prevalent among customers who will have more purchase choices.

There are many problems in the foreign trade of galvanized steel pipe. A lot of steel pipe manufacturers who want to export pipe products need to know relevant information. In foreign trade, different countries have different specifications for steel pipes, so we need to know the specifications of each country and do not produce steel pipes such as square steel pipes that are not suitable. Moreover, the language in foreign trade is stipulated and the businessman should check clearly.

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