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Do you know the technology of powder paint?

In construction area, we can often see the material such as black steel pipe with powder paint, especially scaffolding pipes. Do you know what is powder paint? Now, I will introduce you this method used in steel pipes. Powder paint is a kind of dry and colored powder sprayed onto a steel fabric through a special application gun using air to discharge the powder. The special powder paint is positively charged, causing the powder to stick to the steel. In order to make a typical and colorful powder for specific application, the items should be placed into a specially-designed oven and baked for a time. Through this method, steel pipe will be durable and can resist cracking, scratching as well as dulling.

This method used to cure the powder paint is not always making the entire body panels finished with this kind of coating. For example, chassis, wheels and other smaller steel components are typical candidates in terms of powder paint. However, there are also fine projects for the powder paint such as roll cages and motorcycle frames. For cold rolled steel pipe, the finish is very thick and hard to remove as well. It is not very important to make the tape of threaded holes and other areas and bending powder paint is very difficult.


For traditional paints, surface preparation is crucial in the handling process as well as the powdered version. As it seeks to promote proper powder adhesion to the square steel pipe surface, we can use a high quality remover to remove the grease and oil from the surface of the products. No sooner had the parts been placed in the oven than the powder was applied. This will lessen the chances that the powder will be touched and rubbed off the steel. In the oven, the powder will melt, forming a liquid flowed out evenly to avoid cracks in the surface of the steel by filling any small voids.

The powder paint will become a hard coating once cooled to resist to scratching and chipping. The thick coating is fundamental to making tight-fitting components and it is very tough to assemble. In some conditions, such as reassembling some parts, powder paint need to be scraped or removed from the surface of the steel in order to make the parts together. This type of finishing method is welcomed by some steel pipe manufacturers. For some projects, welding is required for frames or chassis , which is a problem for powder paint, so the finish must be ground away.

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