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How to look at the point: “the lower steel pipe price is, the worse quality steel pipe is”

As a rule, steel pipe price is always a sensitive issue both for customers and suppliers in the market. Furthermore, steel pipe price is considered as a very significant factor that will make great influence in the purchase of steel pipes in the market. It is believed that there is a misunderstanding of the point: “the lower steel pipe price is, the worse quality steel pipe is”. Of course, this statement is definitely not true always. Tianjin steel pipe is an exception.

As a rule, steel pipe manufacturers in China tend to refer to consider a few factors to determine the specific steel pipe price in the market such as, costs including labor, raw materials, processing technology, profit and other factors to make the reasonable pricing for customers’ reference. Even though it is inevitable for a changing trend in the steel pipe price now and then, the overall situation is relatively stable in the steel pipe market. As a matter of fact, Tianjin steel pipe has a great demand in steel pipe market every year due to its competitive steel pipe price for many years. Specifically speaking, Tianjin city is a coastal port city. Due to its convenient transportation both in water and land, as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been carried out a wide range of foreign trade activities. Furthermore, the valuable resources of the historical heritage still have a good reference and guiding significance to today’s foreign trade activities. Therefore, it can be another important advantage for the Tianjin pipe to obtain faster achievement in the foreign business, when compared to other regions across the country.

In recent years, Tianjin steel pipe keeps giving full play to its own advantages, and actively plays a significant role in the global steel pipe market. Each year, more than 1/3 of welded steel pipes in global steel pipe market are from Tianjin region. In view of different production costs of various pipe specifications, steel pipe pricing is also different. Also, Tianjin steel pipe enjoys a good reputation for its considered after-sales service, which somewhat attract potential customers to buy desired products with the rest assured in the actual use in future. For example, Tianjin gi square steel pipe by virtue of its very good reputation and high quality, stand out from other types of structural steel tubes for many years.

Today, China is faced up with a great shift towards national economy and structurally, which makes somewhat adjustment to the waves in the steel industry. At present, with the economy developing at the slowest pace in six years and demand contracting at home, the excess limit is hitting at critical levels, though China’s steel pipe factories have hinted to slowing down production. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary for steel pipe manufacturers to have an objective and rational analysis of the situation in the steel market, and try to reasonably arrange their own production capacity, in order to meet the market demand, and maximize profit returns.

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