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Composition effect on the properties of galvanized steel tubes

Now in many production processing, steel pipe such as erw round steel tube is an indispensable part. With the progress and development of the production process, steel pipe manufacturers can provide more and more steel pipes ranging from round steel pipe to rectangular steel pipe. According to the current steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe is a kind of pipe with good quality and excellent properties. So what is the property of the galvanized steel pipe? The most important one is its stable performance. But from the production process, the effect of components in the steel tube is relatively large and will also have great influence on the performance of the steel tube.

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Considering the problems in the foreign trade of galvanized steel pipe, there will be some changes in the composition of the steel pipe, so what are the main components of the steel pipe? First of all, we may think of the carbon which is an important part in the steel pipe production. In fact, the carbon content can determine the hardness of the steel tubes such as cold-formed hollow sections to some extent. The higher the carbon component, the hardness of steel pipe is higher. Besides, the stability is more obvious and service life of the steel tube will be greatly extended. However, the higher carbon quantity will affect the plasticity and toughness of the steel tube, which need to be taken into account in actual production and processing.

From the current specification sheet of galvanized steel tube, the type selection of steel tube is multiple and plentiful. The amount of sulfur content is also part of the influence of steel pipe quality. Sulfur is a kind of harmful substance in the steel pipe. If the sulfur content is too high, the quality of the steel tube is worse, which can easily lead to the brittle phenomenon. In addition, when considering the plasticity of the steel tube, we should also pay attention to phosphorus, a kind of composition that will reduce the plasticity and toughness of the steel pipe. Therefore, in the process of actual production, steel pipe manufacturers should give much weight to the coordination of the steel pipe composition to guarantee its practical effect. Of course, the price of galvanized steel pipe is closely related to the pipe properties. In the selection process, we should make a comprehensive decision and should be thoughtful on the basis of our own requirements so that we can choose more suitable products.

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