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Scaffolding netting

In construction workplace, scaffolding netting is fundamental to a project which is a kind of safety device to prevent injuries. Scaffolding netting can protect workers from objects causing harmful injury, besides it can also minimize property damage from falling substances. This device usually consist of scaffolding planks and black steel pipe as well. However, some users may purchase wire or other materials in lieu of plastics for special purposes.


For installing scaffolding netting, we should pay close attention to the safety under the law drafted by country. For example, workers should adhere to the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United State to protect workers who are subject to the potential damages. If you want to know more information, you can read the article ‘Tips for erecting scaffolding’ for your reference. In order to form a comprehensive safety net, additional standards will be required in some cities or states. Generally, a canopy or debris net is often placed below the scaffold to further safeguard in case of injuries or accidents which are lethal to employees. The material of canopy may be making of tarp or plywood roof on the sites where it has a big population density such as a busy street while a plastic mesh is viable for a simple canopy on the sites with few people populating.

scaffold safety net

When erecting a scaffolding netting, contractors should choose a appropriate rolls according to the demands of a specific project to guarantee a smooth process. The larger the roll, the fewer couplers that will need to be maintained and the larger rolls can be affixed to the scaffold more quickly. Materials which is used in the netting structure should be strong enough to stand the heavy of tools and materials and cold rolled steel pipe may be a good choice because of its stability and solid property. On the places exposed to direct sunlight, the materials should be treated with a UV-resistant coating.


As it is an economical way to prevent injuries, scaffolding netting is widely used in construction industry. Wind can pass through mesh netting which can decline problems associated with wind load. For steel pipe supplier, we should offer various pipes for election to suit any types of scaffold design. Regardless of any netting, builders must use proper fall protection and safety equipment because scaffolding netting can not catch falling workers and it also offers no protection against rain compared with other scaffolding systems. Moisture protection will be required on special applications.

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