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Why do commercial greenhouses become so popular today

Greenhouse is regarded as a particular place that can benefit green plant growth, create better conditions for plant growth, and avoid the influence of the outside four seasons and bad weather throughout the year. In recent years, commercial greenhouses play a significant role in developing modern agriculture greenhouses for a long time. For the one thing, commercial greenhouses provide out-of-season vegetables, and help to isolating climate and environmental pollution. For the other thing, commercial greenhouses benefit liberating labor force and increasing vegetable yield per unit area.

Solar greenhouse is a relatively simple form of greenhouse by using solar energy. In most cases, the transmittance of solar greenhouse is above 60%~80%, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference can be kept above 21~25 degrees Celsius. As a rule, The front slope is covered with heat preservation at night, and the other three sides such as the east, west and north are single slope plastic greenhouses with wall enclosure, which are collectively referred to as solar greenhouses. The characteristics of solar greenhouse are good insulation, low investment and energy saving, which is very popular in underdeveloped rural areas in China.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, the application of intelligent greenhouse planting has become the inevitable trend of modern agriculture development. In many countries, especially in Europe and in the United States, intelligent greenhouse planting has made great progress in the global agriculture industry today. China’s protected agriculture started late, but developed rapidly. At present, a total area of greenhouse in the world is about 365.76 million hectares, and China has the largest proportion of greenhouse construction area. Especially the greenhouse in China has developed from more than 40 hectares in the early 1990s to now nearly 156700 hectares, accounting for 42.8% of the world today. In recent years, multi-span greenhouse has been developed rapidly in the modern agriculture in China. For example, some multi-span plastic greenhouses have been widely used to produce flowers, to cultivate vegetables on a large scale, and a small number of greenhouses are used for the cultivation of seedlings.

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