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What do curtain walls do in the modern buildings

The popularity of curtain walls increased rapidly from the 1930s when first used. Curtain walls are now a key feature in multistory buildings for many reasons. Like any other wall, the primary purpose of curtain walls is shielding the interior of the building from external factors such as wind, rain, extreme temperatures, sun exposure, and noise.

The most notable advantage of curtain walls is their appearance. Aluminium curtain wall offers a sophisticated look, which significantly enhances its visual attractions in applications. Curtain walls are now the hallmark of contemporary city skylines, used to achieve a host of purposes, including:
1. Energy-Efficiency
Curtain walls can be double-glazed or treated, enhancing insulation. Once enveloping a building with curtain walls, the heat is kept outside during summer and inside during winter. In the modern times, curtain walls are mostly used in high-rise commercial buildings where maintenance costs run into thousands of dollars. A wall offering a high level of thermal performance provides significant savings. It is also worth noting that building regulations have precise requirements on energy efficiency, and using these walls helps achieve the required rules.
2. Transparency
Glass curtain walls can allow natural light into your buildings. The transparent/translucent glass helps maximize the usage of natural light, always a key consideration in any architectural design. For example, natural light instantly makes space appear larger and livelier. People enjoy wall-to-wall views. In high-rise buildings, that includes the sight of the city below in all splendors. Letting in the sunshine also means that less electricity is needed for running the lights.
3. Design Flexibility
Modern curtain wall system designs are incredibly flexible, allowing for complex and uniquely shaped structures. There have been buildings emerging in the recent past in all kinds of shapes such as round, oval, triangular, wavy, and who knows what else is next. Of course, you can have custom curtain walls in your building if you have enough budgets. Specifically speaking, transparent glass is the most characteristic feature of curtain walls, but there are plenty of other options such as colored/opaque glass, metal, and stone. These materials provide a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes for that captivating look. The panels allow for unusual shapes such as angles or curves.

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