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Stone curtain wall design and material selection

Quality control of stone curtain wall engineering design
Modern curtain wall design, it is necessary to entrust a design unit with corresponding qualifications, and strengthen the communication and coordination between the curtain wall design unit and the main structure design unit, to ensure the coordination and unity of the curtain wall design and the main structure design. In the design process, it is necessary to adopt classy article or grade a, its technical requirements and performance test methods shall comply with the terms of the series standards of the state, make stone material and the structure of the support structure system of curtain wall system, and the relative displacement of the main structure has a certain ability, bear directly on the load and role, and in design to ensure the safety and reliability of curtain wall project. After the curtain wall engineering design is completed, the drawing examination procedure shall be strictly implemented, and the corresponding qualified units shall be entrusted to carry out the drawing examination. During the examination process, the following contents shall be reviewed emphatically: the stress analysis and calculation of stones, pendants, pins and bolts, structures and so on.

Strengthen the quality management of the selected materials in stone curtain wall project
Building materials are the material foundation of curtain wall construction, and the quality of curtain wall materials is the foundation to determine the quality of stone curtain wall engineering. Therefore, in order to ensure the engineering quality of stone curtain wall, it is necessary to strictly select the materials to be used. The variety, specification and performance of the engineering materials to be used must meet the relevant national standards, must have the factory certificate and relevant quality inspection certificate, and must meet the engineering design requirements and relevant industry specifications.
Strictly review relevant materials. Want to see all sorts of hardware material and fittings relevant with stone wall curtain wall project are all ready, the quality guarantee certificate that should see its commodity check card; quality does not pass the barrier and certificate are not all ready firmly do not take; To ensure that the quality and specifications of the stone can meet the construction needs of the construction project, the general requirements of its water absorption should not be greater than 0.8%, bending strength should be greater than 8.0mpa.
Attach importance to physical detection and retest experiments. The main contents involved in physical monitoring include the size of embedded parts, aluminum alloy profiles, thickness of steel plate, steel keel, stone size, structural adhesive, thickness of aluminum veneer, stainless steel point barter, sealant, glass variety, specification of curtain wall frame and thickness, etc. The second test involved the main content of stone sealant pollution, structural adhesive bonding strength, stone bending strength and so on.

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