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Scaffolding safety

In construction workplace, the important thing is safety which must suit to some scaffolding safety rules. All the measures in advance can help keep workers free from harm while under the construction. Some tips should be born in our mind when making the construction process such as keeping surrounding areas clean, having scaffolding inspected in advance as well as not going over the weight limit. You can read the article ‘Tips for erecting scaffolding’ for your reference, then you will know some detail information. Before starting out a construction job, we should make an experienced individual thoroughly inspect including the work site and scaffolding itself as well. This inspection assignment is up to the construction foremen who is a leader of the project. He is responsible for the overall construction project and should check all parts, making sure everything is in sound order before using the scaffolding. Besides, potential safety hazards should also receive concerns from all workers who involved in the project.


Keeping scaffolding stable on the ground, which is a fairly obvious measure for scaffolding safety is one of the most important parts. Numerous accidents can occur because of the not completely stabilized scaffolding structure. Black steel pipe, as one kind of scaffolding material, should has the stability property. In addition, scaffolding with wheels should be locked firmly before used which can make it easier for workers to move freely without a harmful fall.


Another essential measure is making sure work site as well as its all surrounding areas clean and free from debris. Tools which are not necessary for the project should be forbidden and necessary tools are accessible to work site. Bringing along multiple tools may cause potential hazards. Steel pipe supplier who is professional in erecting scaffolding system should offer some useful advice when selling pipes to contractors. Having a crew member sweep at the end of each day is fundamental to avoid this problem.


Being aware of the weight limit of scaffolding is also an important concern which can not be neglected. It is well known that different  kinds of round steel pipes have different heavy capacity. A collapse may be caused by too many workers in a concentrated area because each set of scaffolding has a certain load limit which determine the number of workers at a time. At the same time, workers should wear hard hats and not be fearful of heights. Additionally, scaffolding should not be used in inclement weather such as raining, snowing or other dangerous weather in order to keep safe.

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